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Investors and Partners

Why Benvell?

We finance productive use assets, or what may be referred to as ‘distributed infrastructure’ and take a bottom up view of infrastructure as opposed to a top down approach (bridges, roads, power stations etc.). 

We originate loans through our extensive local relationships and wide-ranging presence in the African solar market. We currently have a large pipeline of high-quality solar energy distribution companies.

Our approach is based on rigorous due diligence and thorough data driven risk assessment to identify strong performance, opportunities for efficiencies and a clear road to profitability. ESG (environmental, social and governance) disciplines sit at the very heart of the Benvell risk management process. This approach enables a full risk/return assessment and the delivery of both investor returns and growth for borrowers.

We use data to a) develop a better understanding of the risk profile of consumer-based loans for productive use assets and b) to help last mile distributors of solar products to become better at what they do.

We aim to create investment products that meet the requirements of investors and to source new lines of financing for the solar sector. 


The solar market presents numerous synergies around financial inclusion, unbanked consumers and mobile payments, to name a few – get in touch if you wish to explore partnering with us.