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Portfolio Companies

Benvell serves as a strategic partner to portfolio companies, bringing a global network of investors and industry experts as well as industry best practices to support growth and development in our partner portfolio companies

What does Benvell bring as an investor:

Added Value

As an aggregator we strive to add value to our portfolio companies. We focus on financing last mile distributors of solar products to allow them to scale their operations and grow in their target markets.

Tailored Debt Financing

Efficient debt financing, structured according to unique company needs and growth ambitions.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team provides best practices across operational support, risk management and finance.​

International Network

Access to our growing network of investors and key industry stakeholders.

Data and Analytics

We are using data to a) develop a better understanding of the risk profile of consumer-based loans for productive use assets and b) to help the last mile distributors that we work with to become better at what they do.

Our first term loan to MWEZI, a solar energy distribution company based in Kenya, enabled the company to scale their operations and achieve profitability. Since putting our first facility to use, MWEZI’s sales has increased by 100%.